Onsite Custom Printing

Have you ever thought about taking your heat press on the road? Many who use a heat press bought it specifically to do just this. With a heat press, custom transfers and blank shirts, you can sell onsite at sports tournaments, races/walks, sign-up days and school orientations. You can print on-demand as the customer waits. A short amount of time is very profitable if done right! It is the adage – location, location, location.

If this is something you might want to do, watch our recorded free webinar. We share ideas about the type of events that are perfect for onsite printing. We then discuss costs and profitable pricing. You learn the best heat press to use, and what shirts and prints to order. We also have suggestions for additional sales using the same custom transfers. Studies have shown that people are 50% more likely to buy other items once they have their credit card taken out of their wallet.

Watch this webinar if you are ready to take your heat press on the road!


Heat printing onsite

If done right, custom printing at events can be very profitable.

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