Quick Release Feature & Sleeve/Leg Platen

Looking for specific heat press platens? We have a platen specifically for long sleeves and pant legs and a great feature available from the Hotronix® product line!

Sleeve/Leg Platen

Sleeve/leg platen – use with Hotronix® Fusion™ and Air Fusion™ heat presses

The 6”x20” Sleeve/Leg Platen is perfect for heat applying transfers to long sleeves and pant legs. This platen can be used with the Hotronix® Fusion™ and Air Fusion™ heat presses and allows Threadability™ by lifting the print area so that you can heat apply your transfers to specific areas of the garment. Threading your garment helps you to avoid seams, zippers, and buttons. Our blog post, Threading Apparel on the Platen of a Heat Press, explains more of what threading is and how it can help you in the heat printing process.


Quick Release Platen Feature

Use the quick release platen feature to quickly change your platens.
Just flip the gray latch (circled in red)

The quick release platen feature is available in all newer model Hotronix® Auto Clam heat presses. With this feature, tools are no longer needed when you want to change platens. Just flip the gray latch to remove the current platen, and replace it with the platen that you would like to use for your heat print job!

The Sleeve/Leg platen and quick change platen features will make the heat printing process even more efficient. We hope that you are as excited about these additions as we are and that they help your heat printing business!

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