Free Tools to Help You Sell More Apparel

Based on customers’ suggestions, we have added several tools to our site to help you sell more apparel. These tools can be printed out and added to your Idea Book™ binder to be used as needed. All of the items are listed as Idea Book Bonus Pages.

The first is an index of our entire collection of clip art. When online, the search tool can quickly find the art needed, but if you are sitting with a customer with the book, we know an index can help. The clip art is listed alphabetically with the corresponding page number the art can be found in the full color binder Idea Book.

The second item is the complete alphabet for every letter style. Sometimes you want to see what the D looks like in a particular style which is again easy to do online, but this will also give you a reference. These are pdf files so you can zoom in to see the details of each letter.

Typestyle Alphabets

The typestyle pages show every character for each of the Easy Prints® typestyles available.

The third printable bonus page is a gang sheet chart, a grid that given your print image size, you will know how many of that custom transfer/print will fit on each sheet.

The fourth is a type arrangement page which shows the terminology needed to describe different formats to be done to the text. For example, a visual is given to show the difference between an arc and an arch.

Arc type and Arch type

Show customers all the different type arrangements available with this Idea Book Bonus Page.

The final two pages show the patterns such as zebra, tiger, leopard, and polka dots as well as the distress effects that can be added to any layout to make your apparel stand out or look vintage.