Stitches Offers Embroidery & Heat Printing Category In 2012 Golden Needle Awards

Stitches Golden Needle Awards

Enter your heat printing and embroidery designs to increase your company's exposure!


Have you ever combined a heat transfer with embroidery? If so, you may want to consider entering Stitches 2012 Golden Needle Competition™. This year there is a category for Embroidery & Heat-Printing Decoration. The winners will be featured in the November issue.

Now before you discount doing this because you may feel that you have not done anything exciting or creative enough to have any chance of winning, here’s a few things to consider.

Even if you don’t win, entering a contest creates an opportunity for you to increase your company’s exposure. Be sure and take several photos of every entry you submit. These photos should be posted to your website and your Facebook page with the announcement that you have entered them in a national decorating contest.

If you choose a garment you have done for a customer, you will want to obtain permission to submit the design. If the client grants permission, when you post the photo of the client’s shirt to your Facebook page, be sure and tag your client’s Facebook page so it also shows up there. You might also include a thank you for the use of the shirt as an entry. Your post will then show up on your client’s page, which brings your business to the attention of potential new customers.

While you may think that the competition is stiff in these competitions, in some cases this really is not the case. If you have ever viewed entries from other decorated apparel contests such as the Impressions Awards, you might notice that some categories attract only 10-20 entries. So you really have a much better chance than you think of winning.

If you do win, not only are you featured in Stitches Magazine, but you now have a reason to post again to your Facebook page, Twitter, Linked In, and submit a press release to your local media about winning this award. And of course, this should be on the home page of your website.

Ideally, you also create a nice framed piece of your published winning entry in Stitches magazine that you put up on the wall of your showroom or area where customers walk in and can see it.

Stitches is accepting entries until Monday, May 21. You can view the categories here:

You can download an entry form here:

If you enter and would like to be featured in this blog (whether or not you win), please contact Deborah Sexton at

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