Heat Press Pro: Customizing 6 t-shirts in 60 seconds

Did you know that it’s super easy to create several four-colored t-shirts in under a minute? The video above shows one of our heat press pros creating 6 four-colored t-shirts in just 60 seconds!

Heat Press Pro Tips

With Goof Proof transfers, you can heat apply screen printed transfers in just 4 seconds each! You can speed up your heat pressing process even more by putting a small stack of t-shirts to heat press on the platen; which works with automated heat presses

She is using Goof Proof® transfers to allow a shorter pressing time; these transfers only need to be heat pressed for 4 seconds and peel hot! With these transfers, you can heat apply 4 or more ink colors at the same time in just 4 seconds. These transfers have been tested, while applied to fabric, through 50 wash/dry cycles with no sign of wearing.

If you are using an automated heat press that uses an air compressor to automatically adjust the pressure, you can stack the t-shirts on the platen, as she has done in the video, to speed up your heat pressing time even more! She is using a Hotronix® brand heat press.

Don’t forget that the shipping process is quick too! This four-colored transfer order would ship in just 2 days. If you had a one colored order using our art, it would even ship out the next day that it was ordered, if ordered before 3 pm ET.

Check out the finished t-shirts from the video below!

6 Finished T-shirts Created in 60 Seconds

These 6 t-shirts, created in 60 seconds, are ready to wear or sell to your customers

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