Storing Transfers for a Long Shelf Life


One of the most common questions when using screen printed ink transfers is “what is the best way to store the transfer papers?” and “what is the shelf life of transfers?”. Both very good questions to ensure you’re getting the most out of your custom transfer purchase.

Shelf Life

Screen printed transfers are printed using a plastisol ink (the same ink used in direct screen printing). To get the longest shelf life out of your ink transfers, they need to be stored in ways that prevents the ink from drying out.

There is no concrete number of days, months or years the transfers are good for. This all depends on how the transfers are stored to keep the ink in tip-top shape. Stored correctly, plastisol transfers could last for many, many years.

The important thing to remember is to test the transfers if you are pulling them out of storage. If you test the transfer according to the application instructions and it doesn’t adhere to the fabric, then the plastisol ink is past it’s prime and the transfers will have to be reordered.

The Key to Storage

To get the transfers to last for years, storing them properly is very important. Store in a climate controlled environment, like an office. Avoid basements, garages, crawl spaces and sheds as these areas can get too hot, too cold, too humid and too dry.



Label boxes with your customer’s name or other details about the order for organized storage.

The Trusty Transfer Express Box

Take a look at how the transfers were shipped to you. When we ship the transfers, they are in a sealed bag in a Transfer Express shipping box. This is the perfect way to also store them at your business. Store them in a bag and in a box which keeps the transfers out of sunlight. These boxes are easily stackable and include an area on the front where you can write customer information to help you locate your stored transfers easier.


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