“I Don’t Know the Type of Heat Press I Have…”

By Jason Ziga, Sales & Service Manager

I am often surprised how often I hear prospects or customers tell me that they are not sure what type of heat press they own. I do not fault prospects or customers but the number of heat press manufacturers that offer their heat press at the same price of a gaming system. Last week I wrote about the difference between cost and price; the purchase of a heat press is a perfect example of this difference.

The heat press is the most important investment you make for your t-shirt business. Yes, the purchase of a heat press should be seen as an investment that will help in producing high quality products for your customer. Focusing on price is a mistake that will cost you time, money, and customers. Remember that price is what is paid up front and is a one-time thing; cost is the overall amount you pay for an item or service and is a lifetime thing. I guarantee you that the low price heat press will cost you several times more than the higher priced heat press that will give you quality results and happier customers.

heat press

Hotronix® Fusion™ Heat Presss – it swings and draws!

When choosing a heat press, consider three key elements of heat printing: time, temperature, and pressure.  These elements are used in different combinations when heat printing materials so they require accuracy to the best adhesion and finished product.

Time – Look for a digital timer or beep to let you know that time is up.
Temperature – Look for a heat press with a coiled and evenly-spaced heating element. It will always provide consistent, accurate heat. A heat press that has individual heating rods cast into the aluminum will have uneven temperature (cold spots) during application and designs will not adhere properly.
Pressure – Look for a heat press that offers a digital pressure reading so you know exactly how much pressure you are applying. Without it, it’s a guessing game and a potential for your designs to not adhere.

I whole heartily recommend the Hotronix® brand of heat presses. Hotronix® heat presses guarantee the best time, temperature, and pressure for all you heat decorating needs. At Transfer Express we carry all of the Hotronix® heat presses and offer three specific starter packages to get you started on the right foot. To those who qualify, financing is available. We also offer free shipping year round on all heat presses (excluding the Dual Air Fusion). Our mission at Transfer Express is to help you grow your business; using a Hotronix® heat press will help you do just that.


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