Meet Our Team – Part 1

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At Transfer Express our mission is to help you have a successful custom printing business. We consider you a business partner. During the next couple of weeks, we will introduce you to members of our dealer service team – the front line staff you talk to all of the time. They will share their stories on how they got to Transfer Express, what they like most about the job and one of their favorite success stories. From these stories, we hope to give you a face to the voice! And their favorite success stories may generate a few ideas for your business.

Meet Andy

Andy is our trainer at Transfer Express and the voice behind the webinars.

The first team member we want to introduce you to is the man behind our webinars and trade show presentations, Andy Curtiss. Andy is the trainer at Transfer Express, so every team member starts with Andy. He also trains the team on new products and ideas throughout the year.

Andy started with us after graduating from high school. He previously worked retail. His favorite part of the job is educating both the internal team and our customers. Andy loves storytelling and sharing information. Andy is also a volunteer tour guide at the President James A. Garfield home and does photography and social media for them, too.

His favorite success story is working with a middle school principal who wanted to start a business out of his garage to supplement his income and to show his students how anyone can be a business owner. He was new to the industry and needed instruction on everything from what apparel to use, to what size number should be used on his football jerseys. In the beginning we were answering questions often, but you could see his expertise grow and the questions became less frequent. Several years later, he had grown from a garage business to a store front with a business partner, show room and sales rep! The business grew and a few more years passed and he was able to sell it and retire. Before celebrating his retirement, he called to thank Andy for all of his help over the years.

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