Heat Print Custom Christmas Gifts

If you have a heat press, you can print more than just t-shirts and hoodies!  Add a little creativity and there are a lot of custom Christmas gifts you can print.  Let’s take a look at some of these ideas.



Custom Wine Bags

Wine bags with a bottle of wine are the perfect hostess gift.    Add a fun phrase like shown below, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but if the white runs out I’ll drink the red”     Prints for these wine bags can be added to any blank space on your gang sheet.   A size of about 4” wide x 5” tall works perfect.   We found these burlap bags at www.AllAboutBlanks.com and used a Goof Proof transfer, that    Recently, I saw these bags selling well at a craft show for $12 each


These winter essentials are fun items to add a little customization.    Again use that extra space on a gang sheet to add a print and press on a scarf or gloves.   This scarf came from Amazon and we added puff transfers to get a textured dimension.

Slippers and Gloves

Yes, you can print slippers and gloves with the right equipment.   For these we used the shoe platen and a goof proof transfer.    The slippers are just Totes slippers that can be purchased at many retailers.   Catch a sale—use those coupons, add some customization and make a profit

Make-Up Bags

Cricut came out with these printable make-up bags and are selling them at local craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.    Add fun sayings to the bags and see your profits soar.   You can even include some inexpensive dollar tree make-up to make this a ready to give complete gift.

Photo Albums/Scrapbooks

These polyester books will lay flat in your heat press and can be printed.    Use Express Names to add a family name.   Or use extra team or school transfers to sell custom books for these niches.

Gift Bags

We got a set of these fabric bags from Amazon and added some extra transfers we had from our Toast to Transfer Warm-up edition print-a-long.     Offer gift wrapping using these bags and include one of your printed shirts.

custom Christmas gift bags

Home Decor

Home Décor like these planter covers as well as throw pillows can be printed with a heat press and custom transfers.   For this planter we used some extra space on a full color UltraColor Soft sheet.   These large 12 x 18 sheets have a lot of space to add extra prints.

Have you printed items other than t-shirts and hoodies with your heat press?   We would love to see a photo or hear about it.  Share in the comments below

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