How Can Transfers Help Your League Sponsor Business?

Leagues can be one of your biggest potentials but also one of your most difficult jobs. Most leagues are on a tight budget, you are most likely part of the community so they want you to give them the best deal and volunteers are running the leagues and were delayed in getting started so they need them fast. Sound familiar? That is a summary of the league business, but transfers can really help make the entire process smoother.

Most leagues will want sponsor names on the uniforms. These sponsors pay for the league so it is a very important aspect of the league itself. If the baseball league has a tight budget, and who doesn’t, league sponsor ordering can lower your cost.

First, get together a list of all of the sponsors, the ink color needed for each team and the number of players on each team. Figure out what size letters will work best for your teams. The most popular size is 2” tall letters. Most teams have a variety of size shirts, so the typical width is 11”, which in most cases will fit on your youth small shirt, but also won’t look lost on your XL baseball coach’s shirt.

Now that you have all of the facts, choose a sponsor layout that matches the information you were provided. If you are using 2” letters, one order will take care of 6 teams. So first let’s put all of the white ink sponsors together. The first 6 sponsors are your first order. What is the largest number of players in that list? That is how many sheets you will order. So if 3 of the teams have 12 players, 2 teams have 13 and 1 14 players, you will order at the closest price break to the highest number of players, in this case you will order 15 sheets. Ordering at price breaks will save you money, it is less to order 15 sheets than 12, and you have extras of every team for fill-ins and lost jerseys! Repeat this process for the rest of the teams. If you have one team that is the only team using orange ink, you will use our Express Names™ ordering for this team.

Your order will ship the next day, and we service the entire continental US with 2 day delivery for the price of ground shipping, (Our special Speedy Air is used for those on the west coast or out of standard 2 day shipping), so your entire baseball league order will be in your hands in 3 days or less!

sponsor transfers with uniforms

Layout shown – QSP-3 with Champ Numbers