A lightweight, breathable number

Champ Air™, a screen printed transfer number style, is perfect for your spring sports applications including performance wear, uniforms and t-shirts. The printed mesh design gives it space to breath and lightens the weight. It applies to cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends in just four seconds using your heat press.

The number is available in 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes in the colors white and black and a 2 color version that is white with a black outline.

Champ Air, like all Easy Prints® numbers, are made for easy application. They are printed on a release paper that automatically aligns with other digits for your 2 digit numbering, as well as the Express Names™ that can be positioned above the number and applied at the same time. This self-alignment system saves you valuable time and money. An entire team can have their uniforms with a screen printed number in less than 10 minutes!

Numbers are sold in packs of five, as well as money saving Express Packs (can number three teams) and Kits (to number a league). Orders placed by 3:00 EST will ship the same day.

Champ Air - breathable mesh transfer numbers

Champ Air™ is a screen printed transfer number style that is lightweight and breathable with its’ mesh design.