Heat Printing Transfer Size and Placement Cheat Sheets

Looking for a Heat Printing Transfer Size and Placement cheat sheet? Confused about which size number transfers to use? Look no further!

Here are a few infographics that will help! You can save these or print them to hang up by your heat press.

Click on the images below to view larger.

infographic for transfer placement

Heat applied transfer placement tips










Image Size Graphic










infographic for letter and number transfer sizes

Reference this infographic when you need to know the letter and number sizes for uniforms.












Also available, is our wall graphic chart with all of the transfer application instructions.

This is a great tool to hang up by your heat press. Get one now!

application chart









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Hi .. i would like to print photo on t-shorts

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Hi Soud,
For a full color design like a photo, you can use any of the full color transfer types including CAD-PRINTZ or UltraColor Soft.
Let us know if you need any additional help!


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