Custom Printing for Surf and Resort Shops

Make money by adding custom printed shirts to your resort gift shop. Taking the printing in house allows you to control inventory, instantly meet customer’s needs and only takes 4 seconds of your time and 3 feet of counter space. All it takes is a heat press! We will print it, and you press it!

If you have art or a logo, we can use that to do the printing, or, we offer a full line of free artwork and an online designer anyone can use to create their own art. Capitalize on a hot phrase or trend, but only print on the shirt as it sells. With our sheet pricing, you can fill the sheet with various sizes of your own logo to use on T-shirts, towels, koozies, beach bags and shorts.


Choose any Easy Prints® layout and customize it

Choose an Easy Prints® layout that you like and customize it! Shown here is football layout QFB-161 customized in 3 different ways.

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