Group Shirts For A Disney Trip

Travel & Leisure magazine notes that four of the world’s most visited tourist attractions are Disney parks. Attendance is over 52 million visitors annually. Disney also attracts large groups. They are a popular site for destination weddings, family reunions, corporate events, student trips and sporting competitions. All of this adds up to the perfect opportunity for a custom shirt order.

custom shirt ideas for Disney vacations

Use any of the Easy Prints® layouts and replace the clip art!

To help get your customers ready for a big Disney trip, show them what you can offer. Start with a bright color shirt. Wearing the same bright color shirt makes it easy to keep the group together and Disney is the one place where it is not only ok, but popular to wear the same shirt as everyone else in your group, even another family member!

Next, start designing. Disney owns and protects its trademarks such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Disney logo, but with a little creativity you can avoid licensing issues and still create a great keepsake. Many of our basic multi-use layouts will work great for the event by just adding a castle clip art. Or add a pirate clip art for a crew capturing Disney. We also have cruise layouts in our resort category for a cruise with the mouse.

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