Year Round Custom Apparel Sales Ideas

Each month brings new customers and new opportunities for profitable sales for your custom apparel business. To help you find inspiration, we have created a custom printing sales calendar.

Every month is shown with the events that typically take place in that month, as well as some Easy Prints® art ideas for those events. Easy Prints are professionally created art layouts that can be used for your event with a change to the text and clip art and the choice of colors and size. With a little data entry and a click of the button, you have finished art with our online designer called Easy View™. Not ready to order? Add it to your cart and save for later. Show your customer and just submit when you are ready to order the custom transfers. The calendar was designed for the Midwest seasons (Ohi0), so your geography and the weather may require slight adjustments to the calendar.

January rings in the New Year and its parties and events that need custom shirts. Other custom transfer sales ideas for January include Martin Luther King, Jr Day, skiing and sledding. Also consider the groups escaping the cold on cruises.

The entire year is shown so you can plan ahead. Create art and flyers to show groups what you can do! Nothing sells like a visual idea so personalize it with their group name, in their colors and include your selling price and where they can order when they are ready!

custom apparel for holidays

Create custom apparel in seconds with custom heat applied transfers.