UltraColor Soft vs. Plastisol Transfers

Transfer Express offers a wide selection of heat transfer types that can be confusing to new garment decorators when they are faced with choosing the best type of transfer for their customer’s needs. Plastisol transfers can handle the largest percentage of any garment decorators needs, but when is it necessary to order UltraColor Soft transfers instead of plastisol transfers? The answer is that it depends on the artwork.

Artwork– If your customer needs a one color up to a four color transfer for decorating cotton t-shirts, fleece, or cotton/poly blends, then our Goof Proof®, Hot Split, or Polytrans transfers are all great options. For ordering transfers for decorating performance wear, our Elasti Prints® are recommended since they provide the stretch and rebound qualities needed for this type of garment. Also, Elasti Prints are applied at a lower application temperature (300º F) that helps to reduce dye migration.

screen printed transfer for performance wear

Elasti Prints screen printed transfers work great on 100% polyester performance wear.

UltraColor Soft transfers combine the soft texture of screen printing with the bright full colors of digital printing and is sold by the sheet (sheet size is 11.5 x 18”). You should order UltraColor Soft transfers when your customer orders a design with more than 4 colors or if the design has a photorealistic quality.  UltraColor Soft transfers work on cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blend materials and can be ordered by designing the art in Easy View® or by sending us your custom artwork. It also works on 100% polyester performance wear.


Stretch Litho transfer applied

UltraColor Soft transfers are great for full color artwork with a screen print feel.

Transfer Express has all your heat printing needs and be sure to take advantage of our Easy View online transfer/ t-shirt designer that will help you stand out from your competition! For product training, watch our videos at TransferExpress.com and on STAHLSTV.com.

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