New Layouts to Bring Together Cities, States and Country

As we are spending our days quarantined and away from our families, friends and the public we look to ways where we can bring each other together as local communities, as a state and as a country.

This week we added THREE new design layouts for you to customize and offer to support each other and bring each other together during this coronavirus pandemic.

Your local community is able to get through these tough times as we are all strong enough to overcome it. Our graphic designers added a City Strong layout QPR-39 with a strong fist clip art.  This layout is available to view and customize for your local city or state in the Easy View® Online Designer. Add your custom name to the top line of text and choose your ink colors for your transfers.



In the USA we stand United in the fight against the novel coronavirus. With the American flag as our symbol of unity, our designers created a t-shirt design United We Stand, layout QPR-40 for you to customize like adding additional text like United We Stand…6 Feet Apart” or keep the design as is. Featuring a distressed American flag inspired clip art, this patriotic design is easy to order in Easy View and customize for your blank apparel of choice.

Below we printed this design in Navy, Red and White ink for Goof Proof screen printed transfers.


When we find ourselves in time of trouble, good ol’ Uncle Sam is here to tell us what we need to do to unify the country. This time around, Uncle Sam is here to tell us to Wash our Hands or customize to say something different like “I Want You to Self Quarantine” or “Support Your Essential Workers”. Whatever your text is, you can customize as you wish with new layout, QTR-34.



Browse more city, state or country Pride layouts and sign up with Easy View® to start customizing for your heat transfers. Then head over to our site to start your 30-day free trial. Choose any of the layouts or the new one above and start customizing.

Once you’re done, order the heat transfers from Transfer Express and heat print them onto your blank apparel!

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