Selling Inspirational T-shirts Online

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. During this difficult time, one niche that we see doing well are what I call inspirational t-shirts sold through e-commerce platforms.

These shirts are easy and inexpensive to heat print using a little creativity and your free online design center.

To create an inspirational t-shirt:

  1. Login to and open the design center.
  2. Choose Add Text.
  3. Enter an inspirational word or phrase. Some we have seen include:
    • Just Breathe
    • Stay Strong
    • Together We Can
    • Faith
    • Faith over fear
    • Love
    • Family
  4. Choose a font.
  5. Size it. A standard full adult print is 11” wide.
  6. Fill the sheet. You can do multiple of the same design or fill it with different ones as shown above.
  7. Choose an ink color. You might want do a color change – ordering some sheets in a dark color to go on light colored shirts and some in a light color ink to go on dark shirts.
  8. Enter how many of the sheet set up you need, and add to cart.
  9. We will print the transfers and you apply with your heat press in just seconds.

If you do not have an e-commerce platform to make the sales, now is a great time to try our Spirit Sale.

Right now we are offering a free 90 day trial. After the trial, Spirit Sale is just $599/annually and you can create as many stores as you like.


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