Tips for Decorating Golf Towels

Heat Printing golf towels with custom graphics for your customer.

Heat Printing golf towels with custom graphics for your customer.

With warmer weather comes teeing up at the golf course, whether it be for business or pleasure. Many groups, including the golf course themselves, hold events, fundraisers and outings for companies and other organizations for various reasons. Much of the events held at golf courses are fundraisers to benefit a cause or to promote a company. There are many reasons for groups to hold golf outings and golf tournaments, but whatever the reason, these groups are looking to brand giveaways, staff and volunteer shirts and accessories used during the golf event.

Your heat press is your go-to-tool for decorating for golf events, especially for golf towels. Golf towels are one of the easiest items to decorate with your heat seal machine. Not only are the towels easy to lay on a heat press, they are usually made of standard fabrics like cotton or polyester which makes decorating with a heat press a breeze. You will find that most heat transfers you can apply to a t-shirt, you can apply to a golf towel.

Transfer Express Apparel offers several different styles of golf towels including Fingertip Towels, Standard Golf Towels, Microfiber Towels and Waffle Towels with many of the towels having grommeted hooks and carabiners.

Tips for Decorating Golf Towels:

As with any heat printing, it’s important to be mindful of the type of fabric the towel is made from before choosing your decorating method. Is the towel made from cotton or does it have another fabric woven with the cotton like nylon? Choose the type of heat transfer that is recommended for the fabric.

Golf Towels available at Transfer Express Apparel

Golf Towels available at Transfer Express Apparel – TW530, TW60 AND PT39

Towels like Port Authority Grommeted Microfiber towel TW530 contains a small amount of nylon. CAD-PRINTZ® Opaque will adhere best to fabric containing nylon. Towels that are 100% cotton like Port & Company Fingertip Towel PT39 will work best with a Goof Proof® or Hot Split transfer, however any transfer from Transfer Express will adhere.

Another consideration when decorating towels for golfers is the pile or raised surface of the fabric. Some towels are “fluffier” than others which decorators may need to lean towards one decorating method over another. For instance, towels with shorter pile depth (flatter towels) work best for screen printing or digital decoration. Whereas towels that are fluffier may be better suited for other methods like embroidery. A majority of golf towels however, like those found at Transfer Express Apparel, have a shorter pile depth that work great with screen printed transfers.