Grow Your Sales with Stickers

One of the easiest add on sales to your t-shirt business is custom stickers and window decals.    Just like your transfers, create or upload art in Easy View, your online designer, adding quantity, size and colors.  Order in spot or full color, making all of the thousands of layouts and clip art available for your use.   Printed on white vinyl, you will get great color and durability.

Custom Stickers

Everyone loves a sticker.   Easily apply to items to support or unite a group.  Custom stickers are a fun and effective way for your teams, events and schools to express creativity and support.    Companies can use custom stickers to promote their brand.

While surfaces vary, applied to a Yeti, we have successfully put them through a dishwasher 50 times..   The stickers are still securely on the tumbler and look as good as the first day they were applied.     The stickers are an adhesive sticker, so no heat press Is needed.   Just peel from the backing and press down.

A customer just shared she sold 100 stickers to someone who would be attending a concert where everyone exchanged swag!    She designed a fun sticker on Easy View, emailed the customer the proof for approval with the mockup tool and made an easy sale!

Ideas for Sticker Uses

  • Laptop
  • Notebooks/scrapbooks
  • Journals/Planners
  • Drinkware
  • Merchandise bags.
  • Phones
  • Helmets (non-contact sports
  • Giveaways
  • Product Labels (wine and beer bottles)
  • Classroom Rewards
  • Invitations and party decorations

Custom Window Decals

The custom window decals are produced in full color with a carrier and designed to be applied to glass.    With window decals the carrier allows unattached parts to apply at the same time.   The window decals can be applied to car windows (outside), store windows, glasses, and mirrors.

Creating Art

For both the custom stickers and window decals you can either upload art or use the design center, Easy View, to create art.     To create art for stickers and decals, add a layout, clip art or text to the artboard.    In seconds you will have the art customized for a team, school or event.   Add colors as needed and enter how many you need.     Remember stickers and decals are single images, no gang sheets.

You will see your quote on the bottom of the artboard.   If it looks good, add to your cart and place your order.   Use the mockup tool to download the proof and email it to your customer.    Save the file in your library until your customer approves the art.   Once they do, add to cart and submit your order.     Stickers and decals ship in just two working days when ordered by noon ET.

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