New Swimming and Wrestling Clip Art for Team Sports

As schools start winter sports, we are busy creating new designs for all the various teams in Easy View®. This week’s artwork release features new swimming and wrestling clip art, so you can provide your customers with custom designs they can’t find anywhere else!

We’ve added a stylized, modern diver and swimmer from our sister company, Great Dane Graphics, and a graphic pool. Customize one of our 53 swimming layouts so you can give it a fresh look.

Swimming Clip Art

Be sure to check out Great Dane Graphics for more production-ready artwork for screen printing, digital printing, and vinyl cutting. Their subscription art service has three levels to choose from, so there is a plan for all artwork needs.

For wrestling, we have an updated looking pair of wrestlers and a girl wrestler. Girl’s teams are on the rise in popularity and we are excited to offer more artwork choices. With wrestling tournaments fast approaching, be sure to have plenty of artwork ideas ready to offer your customers. We have a few listed in a previous blog post so you can get your add-on sales ideas flowing.

Wrestling Clip Art

Swimming and wrestling are sports that frequently have tournaments, so with a little planning, you can have designs concepts prepared to offer when your customers are ordering their team wear. Or, have you thought about printing on-site at these events? We can help you get started!

Use the new swimming and wrestling clip art in any of thousands of t-shirt design templates in Easy View®. There are pre-made designs specific to each sport, but if a layout in the Basic, Work, or School categories catches your eye, is super easy to customize for swimming or wrestling. And if you are extra creative, make your own custom design from scratch and benefit from Easy Prints® pricing over providing your own artwork.

Happy designing!



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Laura Tursi Wechsler

We are hosting a wrestling tournament in New York and are looking for an on-site t-shirt vendor. Does anyone know of any?? I’ve googled this but come up with nothing! We have 250 athletes coming and they always want to buy customized shirts with their weight/transfers etc.
thanks for any advice.

Dealer Services

Hi, Laura. I’ll check with our dealers to see if someone could do it. Can you provide specifics on date, location, etc.? Also, have you ever considered setting up a booth? You’d have the press year after year and it requires little upfront investment. It would likely become a profit center for you – which you could put back into the tourney. Just a thought.



We have done a couple basketball, track meets, and wrestling tournaments in upstate NY. Please send our company an email and let us know if we can help you out! We donate money back to the host of the event and have also worked out deals to provide each champion wrestler with their very own custom shirt. We cut names and weight class at the event so the possibilities are endless.


Dealer Services

Jason, thanks for stepping up! I hope it works out that you and Laura can work together.


great blog on sports thanks for sharing this wonderful blog


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