New! T-Shirt Designer on iPad & Tablets, Added Tools

We want to help you grow your t-shirt business, and to do so we have made some improvements to our free online t-shirt designer, Easy View. We know that not all business is done in your store; many t-shirt sales can be made “on the road.” To help your mobile business, Easy View can now be used on iPads and other tablets. Now you can create artwork for your customer in seconds anywhere you have your tablet, and immediately place your custom transfer order.

Tip: When with customers you can put Easy View in “Customer Mode” and remove pricing references and the Transfer Express logo.. To do this click/tab the “Design mode” button in the top right tool back and choose “Customer Mode”. To get the the pricing back, just click/tab that same button and choose “Dealer Mode”

Tshirt Designer on a tablet.

Design T-shirts & more on your Ipad or Tablet

We have also added a new custom transfer art tool bar. This tool bar includes a select (arrow symbol), zoom (magnifying glass) and pan (hand symbol).

Tshirt design tools

SELECT TOOL – The select tool is an easy way to select single objects or “rope / lasso” multiple art or text so that you can add or change colors, move, duplicate or group them.  Selection handles and a green border are displayed to show you what image you are working on / have selected.

Selection tool tips:

  • For moving art/text, click or tap in the middle of the green border/box, then drag it
  • For reducing or enlarging art/text, click or tap a corner handle (triangle) and drag make it larger or smaller proportionally
  • Need to select 2 or more art / text objects? Hold the Control key and click on each object. Your green bordered rectangle will enlarge as you add to you selection. Tip: Group the objects, if want them to say together as you design. (Group tool is in the red toolbar or use the shortcut Control-G on your keyboard.

ZOOM TOOL – The zoom tool brings lets you zoom in on the details of your design. Click on this tool – click one or more times to zoom in or draw a rectangle around the area you want to zoom in on. Tip: Right click to zoom back out when this tool is selected. Or you can zoom up or down using the plus and minus signs on the opposite side of the design area. Click on/tap the “Select” tool (Arrow) when you are ready to continue to design when zoomed in. If you get too zoomed, in click the “100% button” to get back back the full design area quickly. There are also some quick zoom commands in top red tool bar under “Zoom” that are helpful.

PAN TOOL – When you are zoomed in, some of your design can be out of view in the design area. This is where the Pan Tool comes in handy. Select the Pan Tool, then click and drag in the design area to move it around (right on the artwork or background area). When you are done moving the design area around, click on/tap the “Select” tool (Arrow) to go back to moving the custom transfer art around.

Once you master these tools you will be designing like a pro in no time. Watch our Easy View Training Videos for more tips!

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