Accessories & Apparel for Spring Break

Spring Break Towel - Layout QAL-491

Create towels, t-shirt, swim suits, and more for spring breakers. This towel uses layout QAL-491

It’s that time of year again! Snow will soon be melting and students will be taking advantage of the weather change with a staycation or traveling somewhere warm to spend their spring break!

Whether for a vacation or staycation, you have potential for custom spring break apparel sales. Often, those spring-breakers who are traveling will travel with friends. When in groups, there is a good chance that the members of the group will want matching spring break apparel! These groups are a great way to combine orders for several people into one custom transfer order.

If you live in warmer locations, students traveling for spring break may come to you as tourists. This is a great opportunity to make souvenir apparel specific for spring breakers. Two common vacation locations are Florida and California. Even if you are not from one of these warmer locations, you can make apparel for those traveling there. Add the name of the location they are traveling to on the custom apparel to make it appeal to spring breakers visiting that location. As an add-on; you can even offer to add the spring breaker’s name to the apparel item using both peel & press and glitter flake letters.

Don’t forget those students who prefer staycations! If you have some hot spots in your local town for students on vacation, don’t forget to ask them if you can provide t-shirts for those visiting the location. Offer to provide t-shirts and other apparel items to groups who book the location in advance. Simply create a custom flyer to provide the location with a few custom designs you can offer for the apparel.

What can you customize specifically for spring break? A few great spring break apparel items could include swim suits, towels, t-shirts, umbrellas, shorts, tank tops, visors, and beach bags.

Keep in mind that spring break is often a week long, so there’s even a chance that they will need more than one apparel item for multiple days!

Ideas for custom spring break apparel and bags

T-shirts, bags, cinch sacks, and more are great custom offerings for Spring Break! Layouts QRT-56, QBA-258, and QCO-24

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