Baseball Uniforms: How They Change With Your Age

Our newest video shows the process of growing with your baseball uniform. Notice how the uniforms change significantly from adolescence to teen years and adulthood. When a child, the uniforms are often just t-shirts or a jersey top and shorts. As the player gets older, they grow into a fully customized jersey and custom extras.

Young tee ball players - Transfer express heat transfers

Young tee ball players need the front and back of their jerseys customized. If their team uses a t-shirt instead of a jersey, they back may not be customized.

The images of the younger players above and older players below are a great comparison. Notice, that the younger players have oversized jerseys to allow room for them to grow, sometimes have t-shirts with customization instead of jerseys, and only have customization on the top half of their uniform. It is not a rule that a young player’s uniform will not be as fitted, nice, or customized as an older player’s; the teams for younger groups just tend to have a smaller budget and know that their young players will soon grow out of their custom jerseys.

One custom item that you should get requests for all age groups is customized caps since younger and older players need caps to keep the sun out of their eyes while playing the game. You will also get name and number orders for each age group, though tee ball groups ordering just a t-shirt may choose not to add this extra customization. We have name and number screen printed transfers that can be applied in a one-step heat application.

Below, notice how the player jerseys are more fitted to the older players and how the personalization extends to the shorts as well as the shirt. Often, older players will have more customization on their jerseys and get custom extras such as visors and bat bags.

Baseball & Softball Players - Transer Express transfers

Older baseball and softball players need full customization on their jerseys. These players are on school teams and leagues and need to represent that team. Personalization is on the front and back of jerseys, and on short, hats, and additional accessories

The image below shows several custom items that every baseball player should have; a baseball cap, bat bag, and jerseys! All of the customized apparel in the video was created with our screen printed transfer sheets. The images on the front and back of the jerseys and even the extras such as bags, shorts, and caps were all created using our heat applied transfers. We also have design layouts created specifically for baseball to make it easier for you to find a design that will work well with your team.

Baseball Supplies - Transfer Express transfers

Baseball and softball players need customization on their team supplies; caps, bat bags,jerseys, and more.

Baseball, softball, and tee ball players all need customized apparel and accessory items when they become a part of the team. They’ll even need spirit wear for their parents, friends, and fans who sit in the stands. As a supplier of customized apparel and items, you will find that if you do a good job, there’s a good chance that you will have the same customers coming back each year. We have a baseball apparel marketing strategy page that can help you gain new ideas for baseball decorating; from fan wear, to specialty uniforms, and even add-on sales.

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