Optimizing Gang Sheet Savings

Gang sheets are the custom screen printed transfer advantage. Gang sheets are when you fill the 11.25 x 14” sheet with as much as will fit to optimize your printing savings. But should you put an image on the sheet that is a different color just because there is room?

Optimize Savings by Keeping the Same Color on the Sheet

In almost all cases, it is less expensive to move an image that is another color to another order. Gang sheets are most cost efficient when the entire sheet is using a common color.

Which do you think cost less—A or B if you need 20 of each print? In A, 20 2-color would cost $5.77/sheet=$115.40. In B, two orders of 10 sheets will cost (10 x $4.41) x 2=$88.20. You save $27.20 by keeping the same single color on the sheet.

Multi-Color Gang Sheets

If you have  2 or more colors on the sheet and add an image using one of those colors, that will optimize your print savings. Below we had a 2 color gold and purple print, and added a purple only sleeve print to the extra room on the gang sheet.

In this example if we need 20 of each print, 20 2 color are $5.77/sheet=$115.40. If we did 2 orders the full size 2 color would still be $115.40, but a gang sheet with 4 on the sheet of the purple sleeve print would cost us an additional $35.95. So you save almost $36 by using the bottom of the sheet for a 1 color print using a common color.

If you have questions about the best way to set up your gang sheet, please email us at info@TransferExpress.com and we can go into your session and recommend the best way to set up your order to optimize your gang sheet savings.

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