Happy St Patrick’s Day!

What adds to the excitement of a Friday? Sharing the day with the celebration of St Patrick’s Day!

An official holiday beginning in the 17th century celebrated on the 17th of March. Celebrations involve parades, festivals, banquets and dances. Participants in these events include marching bands, the military, fire brigades, local, charitable, and voluntary organizations, youth groups, fraternities, sororities – and the list goes on!

But what do we as apparel decorators see besides seas of people wearing green and eating corned beef? Dollar signs! $$$$$

Every group celebrating the holiday will, of course, be caught wearing commemorative group t-shirts highlighting the year and the event. We hope you’ve had a lucrative start to the month and your pockets are lined with green.

We wanted to have some fun today and share some fun creations we’ve made in Easy View®


We hope you’ve enjoyed these designs and enjoy your Friday.

Happy St Paddy Day! Cheers!