Print Political T-shirts

We have a big election coming up in a short time. Jump into the frenzy by printing election t-shirts.

Presidential Election

Ok so you won’t get the big order from the Trump and Biden campaigns, but you can still print political t-shirts that will sell.

Grab one of the phrases used during the debate. Many customers printed the slogan, “Will You Shut Up Man” on their election t-shirts. I’ve seen Karmela & Joe shirts selling well.

Other fun election shirts on this side were “Barkin for Biden” for pet wear and “I paid more income tax than Trump”.

The t-shirt business is non-partisan and Trump supporters are just as passionate about their candidate.

We have seen “45” shirts, MAGA and All Aboard the Trump Train. We do have clip art of the President’s face in our online design center.

Local Elections

T-shirts are one of the best and most cost effective advertisements available.

Visit the office of a local politician running for office and show them designs you have created in Easy view with their name. We have over 200 layouts ready to be customized with your politician’s name in their campaign colors.


Another big opportunity are local issues.

These may be for the local school, library or park district. Supporters are proud to wear shirts supporting their cause.

The Easy Prints layouts can also be used for these. Showing these volunteers finished artwork is the key to win the sales.

And with Easy View, it takes just minutes to finish your artwork.

Vote for t-shirt election profits and start printing today!

Watch the video and learn more.

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