Printed Embroidery Effect-It’s Simbroidery!

Are you looking for an embroidery look without needing to sew anything—the answer is Simbroidery.    Simbroidery adds the look of stitches to any full color artwork   You can use this effect with any of the CAD-PRINTZ products or the full color UltraColor Soft (formerly Stretch Litho Matte)

Ordering Simbroidery in Easy View Design Center

To order Simbroidery in Easy View, add your art to the artboard and select fonts and clip art if needed    Size and position images on the 11.5 x 18 sheet if ordering UltraColor Soft.   For images or digital CAD-PRINTZ, those are single image orders.  Now click the Simbroidery button on the bottom left.    The image will not change on screen, but this tells our design team to add the effect   We do recommend ordering a proof first to be sure the product meets your needs.

Ordering Simbroidery in Upload

Add your art to  Choose a full color transfer option, entering your quantity and print size.  The instant quote appears on screen.  Select I approve my quote.    In order notes,  simply note to add simbroidery effect.   Please request a proof to be sure you like the look.

Your Free Proof

A proof can be ordered for any order,  but is recommended when ordering Simbroidery because the effect does change the look of the submitted art.    Just add “a proof is needed” to order notes   When we start a proof we do charge $45, but once you approve the proof,  and the order is placed,  the $45 you spent is applied to the order.   In the end it is no extra cost.   The proof does add to the production time so please be sure to allow 1-2 extra business days.

Simbroidery Tips

  • Use bold text and art.   If the art or text is too thin the effect gets lost
  •  Please no photographs   These end up being blotchy and ineffective
  •  Avoid faded edges
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Hi just a question for Simbroidery… does it press in any color such as black/dark color shirts? thanks

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Hi Leo,
Yes, you can press Simbroidery transfers onto any color shirt, light or dark.


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