Printing Home and Away Uniforms – A Color Change Makes Them Easy

Many teams, especially travel teams, have two sets of jerseys, a home and away version. Printing these uniforms are very cost efficient with the use of a color change. A color change is a process where part way through the screen printing process; we stop and change the ink color in the screen. By doing this we are able to pass on the cost savings of the larger run with a small fee added to the cost for the screen color change.

For example, for a team with 18 players ordering a home and away uniform, you get the price break of 36.

jersey fronts with a color change

An inexpensive way to print home and away jerseys is to use a color change.

To place your order by phone, just let the customer service rep know how many of each color is needed, and what color is to be changed. If you are ordering online, place your first color version as normal, then in notes add how many of the different color is needed.

jersey backs with a color change

Don't forget to include a color change on the backs!