Back to the Future with Vintage Style Tee’s

Retro is what’s in right now. We are seeing old styles coming back into style. Vintage looking t-shirts are especially popular. There is an easy way to create vintage style looking t-shirts without the messy and lengthy labor of trying to create them from scratch.

One easy and quick way is to add a distress pattern on top of a screen printed design. This type of pattern causes the print to look worn and tattered. Instead of actually distressing the ink and shirt, which can reduce the life of the garment, this pattern will simply be a show-through area in the design during printing. We have five different distress patterns to choose from which can be added to any of our layouts and range from a light to heavy distress.

Medium distressed shirt

Layout QCO-69 using a medium distress clip art X19A-996.

After you have your distressed looking print, you now have several options for garments. A distressed print is still popular on a regular t-shirt. However, there are many garments to choose from that also have a distressed look to them so you don’t have to try to do them all yourself, which can be a long and laborious process for each garment. A few of the different styles available are burn-out, acid-washed, and stone-washed tee’s, each giving a different appearance. Our screen printed and digital transfers can be heat applied to any of these types of apparel.

In the end, you are left with an inexpensive way of creating fashionable, vintage style looking apparel.

Vintage style t-shirt

Layout QRT-30 using a different medium distress clip art X19A-999.