Printing on Towels with Custom Transfers

Make printing on towels an easy to do job by using custom transfers. Most direct screeners hate printing towels as the absorbency of the towel, absorbs the ink. With screen printed transfers the ink has already been partially cured eliminating this problem.

Most towels are 100% cotton so all of our products will adhere. Your choice of product depends on the use of the towel and the look needed.

Our Goof Proof® screen printed custom transfers have an adhesive that will hold the texture of the towel together and make for the best looking print. However, where the ink is itself, really is not usable for drying off. So look at your use – is it a rally towel that will just be waived in the air or hung in a dorm room? Use Goof Proof. Is it a golf towel where only one side is used to wipe off clubs and you want the best looking logo? Use Goof Proof.

However, if it is a beach towel you might want to use Hot Split. This is softer and you wouldn’t mind toweling off on the print side, but as the texture breaks down, since the ink is only applied to the surface (the same as if you direct print) you will see the color of the towel through the print. So the print will look perfect when delivered, but as the towel gets “fluffier” through washings, the napping of the towel will be seen. All of the ink is still on the towel, but the print may look slightly weathered with time.

screen printed towels

It is easy to print on towels with transfers and a heat press.