More Custom Printing Ideas

Looking for more sales? Ideas are all around you. Last week I was looking through the entertainment section of our local paper. The main article was about how popular bike groups are becoming in urban areas. Each of the groups had websites and after looking at these sites, I noticed they were discussing shirt ideas because they were trying to get together an order. Their group has over 500 members and they were looking for design ideas and someone to print them.

Summer activities and custom shirts

Use Easy View to create a few custom shirt designs to present to groups looking for shirts and other apparel.

Looking through the rest of the section I saw many more opportunities for orders. There were the typical festivals and concerts almost every city has. There were also some different and fun opportunities—a senior zoo safari, a summer reading group at the library, a sailing group and a summer playhouse. Don’t just call and say do you need custom printed shirts, create something on Easy View™, and include it with pricing. Offer to sell directly to the members, or give a little better price if they will collect the orders. The more work you do for them, the more likely you will get the sale. Deliver with a hang tag listing everything you offer to get other business too.