Putting A Photo On A Shirt

Customers frequently ask if they send us a photo, can a transfer be made for application on a shirt – the answer is Yes! For our Stretch Litho transfers, a photo can be used as art. The transfer will be in full color and look just like your photo, so send the best quality photo you have. We can even add text if needed too.

To send a photo:
1.  Visit www.TransferExpress.com and click “upload your artwork”
2.  Enter as much as you know about the order.
This helps us figure out the best product, but if you don’t know, select unknown.
3.  If any text needs to be added, put that information in notes with instructions.
(Example: Add Compton Family Reunion above the photo in Helvetica font in red)
4.  Once received, we will always call with a quote!

These can be applied to any color shirt and will remain in full color just like in your photo. They can be applied to cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends.

CAD-PRINTZ Express Print photo shirt

A photo shirt using a transfer.