Printing School Spirit Wear

School spirit wear is one of the largest sellers of custom apparel.

With just a heat press and custom transfers, you can make any of it.

School spirit wear is used for so many different occasions and events. Students wear it just to wear it as part of their normal wardrobe. It expresses who they are and what school they are a part of.


school spirit wear t-shirt design


Another big part of school spirit wear is sports. It is used as fan wear for sporting events. And it’s not just students, either. Family members, parents, grandparents, and other community members also buy and wear school spirit apparel.

It’s great for anyone who wants to support the local teams, whether it’s at a school pep rally, in the stands, or just wearing around town.

School spirit wear is a broad category and could include t-shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, sweatpants, flannel pants, shorts, scarves, gloves, socks, rally towels, jackets, blankets, stadium seats, polo shirts, umbrellas, headbands, and yes – now even face masks.

Excluding face masks, I think my family had every single one of those items for our high school – and multiple of each.

The point is, it’s a huge and profitable market.

So if you’re not already printing and selling school spirit wear, it’s time for you to start!


School Spirit Wear Artwork

How do you get started with school spirit wear?

It’s really quite simple.

At a basic level, most school spirit wear consists of the city or school name, their mascot name, and maybe the mascot image itself. If the school really sells a lot of spirit wear, then you can make spirit wear for each sport or club as well. Most of the designs are 1 or 2 colors.

So the first step would be artwork.

Do you have artwork?

If you do, great! Send it on over to us. We can screen print it for you onto transfer sheets.

If you don’t have artwork, that’s ok. You can use our artwork and free online designer to create your designs.

It’s easy, too. You don’t have to be a designer to create awesome designs.

Our Easy Prints® artwork collection consists thousands of pre-made layouts that you can customize. You can customize as much or as little as you wish within the design.

We even have tons of mascot clip art to choose from, too.


layouts for custom school shirts



Maybe you have your school mascot logo, but that’s it. That works, too.

You can upload your mascot logo and use it in any of our artwork layouts.

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There are many categories of layouts to help you get started, including school and sports themes.

After you have your artwork complete, the next thing to do is decide on your blank apparel.


Apparel Choices for School Spirit Wear

There are so many blank apparel choices for you to choose from in the Transfer Express Apparel line. We have it all.

This makes it easy for you to print what your school wants.

Easily navigate through the apparel by clicking on the category that you are looking for.

blank apparel

Apparel categories include:

  • t-shirts
  • sweatshirts/fleece
  • polos
  • sportswear
  • accessories
  • activewear
  • bags
  • caps
  • infant/toddler wear
  • ladies wear
  • outerwear
  • workwear
  • woven shirts

Within these apparel categories, you’ll be able to find almost anything you’re looking for to print on – from your basic t-shirts, to stadium seats, and everything in between.

stadium seat for custom printing


Utilizing Transfer Gang Sheets

When you are designing your transfers, you can fill up the transfer sheet with as many images as you can fit onto the sheet. We call this a gang sheet.

Gang sheets don’t cost you anything more. The transfers are priced by the number of sheets, not images. So it’s the same cost whether you have one image on the sheet, 5 images, or 50!

Put as much onto the sheet as you want. The advantage to this is that it will reduce your printing costs.

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Depending on your design sizes, you could print a t-shirt, cap, bag, hoodie, and pants all with one sheet and one order!


printing from gang sheet


So keep this in mind when designing your sheet. Think about what other spirit wear item you could sell with your extra transfer images.

The good thing about transfers is that they will have a long shelf life if you store them properly.

And school spirit wear is one of those items that won’t go out of style and you can always print more of.

As long as you don’t put a date on it, you can use them for years if you wanted or needed to with leftovers.


School Spirit Wear Ecommerce Sales

More and more schools have some sort of online spirit wear shop now. It is becoming more prevalent and makes it way easier for parents to buy the apparel they need.

Especially in these unknown times, being able to sell online is a must. If you don’t have a way to sell custom apparel online, Spirit Sale makes it easy to do this.

And you can add as many items as you want for no extra cost. So when we talked above about being able to print many items with one sheet, you can add all of these items to sell online.

You can even set up “a store” for each of your different customers. It creates a different url link that you can give to one school, and then give a different url to a store for another school.

That way they can see their items that they can buy with their own school name and mascot.


Spirit Sale ecommerce store


You can see a sample store here.

Not only does Spirit Sale streamline the ordering process by eliminating paper forms, it makes payment easy. You don’t have to worry about collecting payment and order forms from everyone and then trying to tally up what everyone wants.

Spirit Sale makes this all easy to do online. And since it’s online, you can advertise the store to anyone and not have to worry about distributing a paper order form.

Put the link online on social media. It makes it easy for people in the community to order spirit wear as well, if they want to support the local city and teams.

Because of this, your sales can also increase.

It’s easy for your customers and it’s easy for you. Win-win.

For more information on Spirit Sale or to request a demo, go to



School spirit wear is easy to print and everyone wears it. Not only teachers, students, and family, but even members of the community as well.

It’s a huge market. You can print so many items that people wear for spirit wear with just a heat press and custom transfers.

Fill up your transfer gang sheets with as many images as you can fit to print many items for no extra cost.

Use Spirit Sale to sell online and increase your reach and sales.

What are you waiting for?

Go design your spirit wear in Easy View!


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