The Importance of Choosing Complimentary Apparel & Ink Colors

Same Ink Colors with Different Fabric Colors

Just because the ink colors that you choose look great on one apparel color does not mean that they will look good on a different color.

Do you order your blank apparel before or after you create your custom transfer designs? A couple of weeks ago, we shared how the ink colors can affect your custom apparel; today, we’re going to expand on this idea of ink colors affecting your custom designs by putting fabric color into consideration when making final ink color decisions.

In the image above, these different colored t-shirts all have the same exact design with the same exact colors; they are just on different colored t-shirts. This is a great example of the show through area affecting the look of your custom designs. Though this design color looks great on a yellow t-shirt, the ink color matches too closely to the dark blue t-shirt, making it barely visible. In the Easy View designer, you have the option to choose a fabric/background color, so you can see what your design will look like on that color of fabric.

Apparel colors are often determined by your customers’ branding, which can include school and logo colors. For example, if you are selling to a school whose colors are red and gold; you can save costs by putting a screen printed transfer with gold ink on a red t-shirt or a transfer with red ink on a yellow or gold t-shirt.

School Color T-shirts

If your customer’s branding uses two colors; make one color the ink and the other color the t-shirt.

Try to avoid making your ink color the same color as your fabric. For example, if you are heat pressing to a white t-shirt, you will want to avoid using white ink since it would not show very well on the white background. By knowing the fabric color ahead of time, you do not have to worry about making the ink the same color as the custom apparel that it will be heat pressed to.

If you would like to see the colors that we offer in person, pressed to white fabric, we have color selectors that have all of these colors. We can even match PMS colors if you have a specific Pantone color that you would like to use in your design.

How do you choose the ink colors that you use in your custom apparel designs? Next time you create a custom transfer design, remember to keep the colors of your custom garments in mind.

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