Let’s Get Started – 5 first orders for under $25

With any new venture the hardest thing to do is to get started. Who can I sell to, how much should I charge, will I make any money? Here are five low cost, easy to get started first orders to get you on your way to a profitable business.

1. Transfer Extreme™ pack of 10 transfers for $24, apply to 10 shirts that cost you $3 each and sell for $10 each to your local 4th of July committee.
Total Profit = $46

2. Numbers to put class years on a high school groups’ shirts such as 13, 14, 15 and 16.   Order a pack of 3, 4, 5 and 6, and 2 packs of 1. Number cost 6 packs @ $1.65/pack=$13.20, apply to blank jerseys $8 each, sell for $15 each.
Total Profit = $56.80

Jerseys with numbers of school class year

Order stock numbers and press onto a jersey for a "Class of" jersey

3. 10 Peace sign rhinestone transfers to put on tote bags for your local environmental group. Bags $2 each, rhinestone transfers $2 each, sell for $10
Total Profit = $60

4. Sponsor strips for your local little league team – 10 players, $1.60 each on a $5 jersey, sold for $15 each.
Total Profit = $84

5. 12 Window Decals for your local travel baseball team headed to an out of town tournament. Cost $25, sell for $5.00 each
Total Profit $35


These are fantastic ideas, only problem is you’re not factoring in shipping for the transfers… I don’t think? Usually you pay no less than $11 no matter how small your order. With smaller quantities such as these the shipping cost is a big factor. I’d love to see Transfer Express offer regular first class mail or Priority Mail for smaller orders, as it is more cost effective than UPS in that situation.

Dealer Services

Most of our customers don’t order only one item, and we do group shipping so it is about $10-$12 for the ship group. But it is a factor, so instead of making $50 on an order you may only make $40 if that was the only item you were ordering at that time. The ground shipping (and speedy air for those outside of 2 day ground service) is much less money than priority mail which you can choose but will run $15.45, and it is slower and not as quickly tracked. Remember our paper is 11.25 x 14 so a larger priority mail box needs to be used.
Large Flat Rate Box
Domestic Rate: $15.45 at the Post Office

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