Screen Printed Numbers for Spring Sports

Do you need numbers for your baseball, softball and soccer teams? We offer screen printed transfer numbers that can be applied in as little as 4 seconds with your heat press. This makes them the fastest way to add a number to your uniform.

Youth uniforms typically need a 6” number on the back, and adult uniforms typically use an 8” number. If a front number is needed under a logo, the 4” size is perfect for this use. The 4” size is also a good size for numbers on the pant or short. Smaller size numbers are also available using Express Names™ ordering, using the digits instead of letters.

We offer two different types of numbers. The first is made from our best-selling Goof Proof plastisol ink. These are available in 4, 6, 8 and 10” sizes, in Champ (Full Block), Champ Air™, All Star, Kingdom, Goal and Soccer fonts. We have one of the largest selections of in stock color choices, too, with 16 one color choices and 35 2 color choices. A great selling tool for your store is our Numbers Poster that has all of the color and font choices without any Transfer Express identification.

We also offer numbers for polyester uniforms that are heat sensitive. This is made from our Elasti Prints® plastisol ink formula and applies at just 275 degrees. There are two styles of this number, Avalon and Champ Pro™. Champ Pro is available in 7 colors including the new neon lime green. This is a trending color with the success of the Seahawks and was used in the NBA All-Star game, too. It is perfect for a change of pace for Spring.


Screen printed transfer number in neon lime color

Neon Lime color in Champ Pro number style

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