Sizing Your Easy Prints® Custom Design

The layouts created for our dealers to customize do not only have the ability to change the clip art, text, and colors, but also to change the size of the design. We offer a suggestion in the Dealer Guide of what standard sizes are used for different needs. This chart will give you an example of Adult, Youth, Heart, Cap, and even Leg sizes that we would recommend for the most common applications. This chart however may or may not be the size that is needed by your customer. So just let us know if you need another size other than what is on this chart. We suggest measuring the area where you will be applying the design and note your largest area you can print.

So how will your design look when it is enlarged or smaller than what is shown in the Idea Book? We have made an icon under the layouts that we do not recommend using as a small size, such as a cap size. This is your indication that the design has small details in it that may not look its best when created at a small size. Other than this icon, the designs look great as small or large sizes.

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