Join us for our Live “Print With You” Event-Toast to Transfers

Every other month we host a live event, Toast to Transfers.    Wondering what that is?   Let me tell you a little bit about it.

The Pre-Sale Toast to Transfer Kit

This event starts with a presale-the Toast to Transfers kit.    This kit starts selling a month before event day, up until the last day it would arrive in time.     This month we are also experimenting with selling the kit even a few days after the event in case you missed the chance to purchase, you could follow along with the recording.

What is in the Kit?

The contents varies but will include at least two apparel items in your size choice. This month’s, March 31 event, includes a V-Neck short sleeve t-shirt in Deep Turquoise by District, style DM1190L ,  and a ¾ sleeve raglan baseball tee by Bella Canva, style BC3200 white with kelly sleeves.

Also included are the transfers we will be applying.    This month we will be applying our best-selling Goof Proof screen printed transfer with a spring theme to the v-neck and our new, game changing UltraColor Max DTF transfer to the raglan.

We also include some tools and fun in the kit.   This month you will receive two application tools-a mouse pad and a positioning ruler.   Plus a laptop sticker wishing you Happy Spring!    Both the transfer and sticker art was created in Easy View, our free online design center, and if you like any of it and it will sell for you, it is easy to order more.

What Do We Do At the Event

You can join the event with or without the kit purchase.  If you did get the kit the included application directions note to have your heat press ready and warmed up by the 7:00 pm EDT start time.    At the class we will talk about the shirts, the products and application kits.  We will press the shirt at the same time and all share our success.    We try to include a new skill at each event.   The spring Toast to Transfer focuses on fashion placements.   We will show you 10 completely different looks created from one transfer sheet.

Next we will all apply the new UltraColor Max.

When is the Next One?

After our March 31 spring themed event, the next one is May 26th and it will have a summer theme—BBQ, Vacations and carefree fun!

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