Trade Shows are Back!

A few weeks ago we returned to our first in person trade show in over a year.    It was great to meet and greet our current and prospective customers again.

Why Go to A Trade Show

At a trade show you can try one of our heat presses and press a free t-shirt using our best-selling Goof Proof transfer.    You will be able to see the size of the press and gain a good idea if this is something you want to bring into your home business or store.     We have a sample of a gang sheet so you can see how you would set this up to optimize the value.   We also will show you how to use Easy View, your free online designer.    We will create your first design together.   And we have samples and idea books available for you to take with you.

Show Specials

At A trade show we do have heat press show specials and a special price for our business in a box marketing kit.   In addition, we sell the floor model at the lowest price these ever go!   So going to a show also saves you money!


At most shows we also our part of the education.   At the Graph Expo shows this year we have two classes-“Selling Licensed Apparel” (and this class gets a special class only t-shirt) and “Screen Print with just a Heat Press.:   At the Impressions shows our two classes are “Start Your Home Business for under $1500” and “5 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Heat Printing.”    We also for the first time have a class at Everything Embroidery, “Screen Printing with Just a Heat Press.”   These classes are all free.

Upcoming 2021 Show List

DAX Kansas City July 9-10

Graph Expo Meadowlands  July 15-16

Applique Getaway Irving, Texas July 23-25

DAX Minnesota August 8-9

Graph Expo Long Beach August 12-14

DAX Chicagoland August 27-28

Impressions Atlantic City August 26-28

Impressions Fort Worth September 10-12

Everything Embroidery Biloxi, MS September 10-11

Graph Expo Pittsburgh September 24-25

Printing United Orlando October 6-8

Graph Expo Charlotte October 29-30

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