Unique Logo Placement

Most of the time you will position your custom heat  transfer on the full front or left chest of a t-shirt.     Increase sales and give your items a unique look by trying other less common unique logo placements.

One of my favorite looks is to use a vertical design on the left and right of a t-shirt.     Another trend I’ve seen is putting a vertical design down the center back of shirts especially tank style tops.

For seamless t-shirts, you  try a print on the  seam that almost wraps around the side of the shirt.

Another popular placement that use see often in retail stores is a logo on the back yoke.   This unique placement is perfect for a small branding that coordinates with the front log.

And don’t forget about unique placements on caps.   A print can be placed on the back of a cap, the bill or under the brim with our heat press accessory platen.


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