Using Custom Transfers to Print Caps (Part 2)

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There are so many cap choices and the choice can make a huge difference in the print quality you can deliver your customer. Last week we discussed structured/unstructured and crown size and how those choices can affect your printing.

5 panel cap for printing

A 5 panel cap has no seam down the front panel which is great for printing. Layout shown: QBA-2

Another choice that affects printing is the number of panels. The panels are the pieces that are sewn together to create a cap. Typically, they will be either a 5 panel or a 6 panel. A five panel cap will have an open front print area that is perfect for printing. There will not be a seam to print over. Recently, the trucker cap made a big comeback and is typically 5 panels. Five panel caps allow for unobstructed printing and are perfect for use with custom transfers.
A six panel cap has a seam in the middle of the front print

6 panel cap for custom printing

6 panel caps have a seam down the middle of the front of the cap. The seam can show through your print. Clip art X15A-43 with added text.

area. You can use a transfer over the seam, but keep in mind with screen printed transfers, you will see the line through the transfer. Digital transfers will better cover this line.
The last item to consider is the material. Caps are most often cotton, and all of our products will work on cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. Some are wool, and this product can also be heat printed.
There are a lot of choices when buying and printing caps. By just watching for the key description words, you will have no problem heat printing them. They are an easy add-on sale!

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