Wheels Go Round and Round With New Cycling Clip Art

Cycling has become a lifestyle, moving beyond transport or recreation for many people. And road bikes, specifically, continue to grow in popularity. These bikes have a shorter wheelbase and dropped handlebars to encourage the rider to use more muscles to propel them.

Mountain biking and BMX images are preferred among our customers seeking to tap into this market of riders. Just look at all the bike images we already have for you to use in Easy View online designer.

With the addition of these requests, you’ll have even more options to decorate everything from t-shirts to hats and can coolers for these dedicated riders.

Clip art image of a woman with a mountain bike and a group mountain biking Clip art image of a gear and cross bones and below a gear heart Clip art image of a BMX rider and below an image of handlebars

Here we have new clip art for the hardcore mountain biker, who’s not afraid to get dirty and one for a cycling group. But maybe you know someone with an edgier style. This bike chain heart or gear and cross bones clip art is just right for them. Let’s not forget the BMX riders out there. This clip art image or handlebars could be added to any layout or as a sleeve design.

Although mountain biking on paths has been around for a several decades, downhill or slopestyle mountain biking is emerging as a new sport. Use this layout to create a shirt for a mountain bike team, because everyone needs a little group therapy.

Group image of a cycling group

As always, we want to hear your suggestions. Leave a comment below to let us know what clip art you’d like see next.

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