Curtis Scott – ImPRESSive Dealer Spotlight

Curtis Scott was working two jobs in the restaurant industry and barely making ends meet. After supporting his children, he only had $100 each week to live on and knew something had to give. That’s when Stillman College buddy, Fred White, threw him a lifeline.

Curtis met Fred while they were in the Blue Pride Marching Band at Stillman in 2005 and a lifetime friendship was born. The beginning of Fred’s clothing line, Mel & Bishop, started in King Hall dormitory. On occasion, Curtis would help him create the apparel. Little did Curtis know at the time that 13 years later, the experience would change his life.

In early 2018, Fred encouraged Curtis to follow in his shoes by starting his own clothing line. He shared with him the inner workings of how he produced the designs and clothing. Only one problem remained. With only $100 leftover each week, how would be get started? He saved every dime for two weeks and his mother and brother collectively chipped in another $100. He had the $300 he needed to place his first custom transfer and apparel order.

His vision was to create an affordable, fashion-forward clothing line that was comfortable. Using Easy View online designer, he designed his first shirts, placed his first transfer order and purchased the wholesale apparel. He put pictures of the design out on his Instagram account – the shirts sold out the same day.

Next, his friend drew a pelican for him. It was Curtis’ first foray into an order using custom artwork. He was appreciative of the customer service representatives at Transfer Express for calling and suggesting small changes to the artwork to ensure it would print properly.

That was only four short months ago. Since then, Curtis has provided custom apparel to local plumbing companies, pop-up shops and even won the bid for the newly created New Orleans Hippies – a women’s football team. Just last week, he published four designs to Instagram. Yet again, all 32 shirts sold out.

Today, Curtis has not only increased his income to the point where he feels like he can support his children and girlfriend, he was able to book a cruise for a well-deserved family vacation. He dreams of working at his apparel business full time. His next step is to build an online store, which he hopes to have up and running this year.

We can’t thank Curtis enough for spending some time talking to us and sharing his story. We hung up the phone with tears in our eyes. Curtis has an infectious, yet laid back energy that makes you smile. We know he’s going to do big things with his business and is the epitome of an ImPRESSive dealer.

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Please join us in congratulating Curtis Scott, owner of Kushin Unlimited, for being an ImPRESSive Dealer -and be sure to check him out on Facebook!


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You are such an inspiration, Curtis. It was a pleasure to feature you and highlight your success.

Termica Harris

What an inspiring story Curtis! And way to go from Bham to T-Town! Your struggle makes me motivated to get back on my idea funny clothing line I’ve been working on for some years now. Keep it up and make Alabama proud.

Dealer Services

Keep us posted, Termica! Maybe one day, you’ll be featured!

Diamonds Are Forever

Hey Curtis, I’m from Detroit just starting up a Printing Co. Your Story brought tears to my eyes yes I’m going to continue to Grind & get my business up & running Thanks to your inspirational journey in this business I realize that everyone doesn’t want the best for us when it comes down to leaping out on Faith they want us to live from pay check to pay check & limit your expectations but I’m a strong woman and I’m not going to let nothing get in my way Thank You Again Get Ready It’s A New Day! GRIND


Great story Curtis, we are in the process of starting a Faith based clothing line. We pray that you and your family can continue to taste and see that The Lord is Good.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!
Psalms 34:8 NLT


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