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Your iPhone Just Became More Useful When Ordering Custom Transfers

If you are doing business on the road, we have added an iPhone/iPad feature to our mobile site that will help you! If your customer has sent you a photo or image, just send it to us for either a quote or to place your order by choosing “Send Artwork” on your phone. Or if they are showing you a shirt that they would like replicated, snap a photo and send it on its way.

When you enter TransferExpress.com on your iPhone, the mobile site will automatically be accessed saving you valuable data usage. You may have to clear history if you have used your phone to access our full site. You can also use m.transferexpress.com. The home screen is easy to read with simple bar choices.

With your iPhone you can also easily find product information, check order status, find application instructions and easily find the blog filled with marketing ideas, application tips and product information! Blogs are added weekly and are a great resource for expanding your business.

Transfer Express Mobile Site on iPhone

Take Transfer Express with you anywhere you go with our mobile site. Now upload photos right from your iPhone and iPad!

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