The Popular Vertical Arch!

Being a part of the apparel industry, when you travel you take special note in the custom printed t-shirts and sweatshirts everyone is wearing. This past Saturday we were in Disney World during “rival weekend.” The number of tourists wearing their support on their shirt was amazing. We saw both Ohio State and Michigan shirts, Florida and Florida State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Clemson and South Carolina.

What really surprised me was that despite all the different types of artwork available, including our own from Great Dane Graphics, the most popular look is the vertical arch!

What is a vertical arch? With a vertical arch, the bottom of the letters sit on an arc, yet the letters remain upright. The Easy Prints® layout for the vertical arch, one line of text is QAL-3. You can have this say anything you need, any font, and your choice of letter height. The vertical arch format is also available as an Express Name™ in Full Block or Hercules if you just need one of a particular name, phrase or word.

As Clevelanders who don’t get much of a chance to celebrate our sports victories, this rival weekend was one to be noted. Our Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan, and our Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Custom t-shirt with vertical arch

Custom t-shirt with a vertical arch using Easy Prints layout QAL-3