Adding Patterns to Your Transfer Designs

Add patterns to your custom design

These are just a few of the many pattern options that you have when customizing your transfer design layouts

Are you looking for a way to add extra style to your custom transfer designs? Patterns can be added to Easy Prints® design layouts to give them a distinct look!  These patterns can be used with multiple colors or even one color.  The colors that you choose and how many you use will determine the way that the pattern looks in your design.

Add the patterns that you like to large open spaces in your transfer designs.  These spaces can be inside of large bold letters and in large spaces of your clip art.  There are design layouts that already have patterns in the design as well.  If the Easy Prints® layout already has a pattern, you can leave the pattern as is, change it to a different pattern, or even remove it all together.

Use a variety of different colors with these pattern options to give each a distinct look.  You can use multiple colors or just one.  When using one color, you can use the apparel color for the secondary color; just use the see-through option for those areas where you would like the apparel color to show through as part of the design.

Pattern Layout CP-28 - 1 and 2 colors

Modify the look of your pattern design with color combinations – layout CP-28

Patterns can be used to add style to any design and are great for dance, cheer, spirit wear, and many more.  Show your customers their pattern options when creating custom transfer designs!

We are working to expand/enhance how you can use patterns in our New Beta Easy View®.  Right now, layout and pattern options are limited until we get the enhancements in.  Our original Easy View® can create the pattern layouts (CP) in 1 and 2 color designs.

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