Big Profits in Custom Printing for Back to School

It’s hard to believe summer is ending and it’s almost time for everyone to return to school. Summer sales are great, but the back to school season is even a more profitable time in the T-shirt business. Custom transfers are perfect for schools, because they always need more and different sizes to go on T-shirts, shorts, and polo shirts. Screen printed plastisol transfers can be set up on a gang sheet giving you multiple prints on one sheet.

To learn more about making money in back to school sales, we are offering a free on-demand webinar, “How to Profit During the Back To School Season”. We know you are busy, so this webinar can be viewed at any time.

In this webinar, we will show you how to use our professional artwork to create custom printing ideas for the schools in your area. Nothing sells like T-shirt printing ideas, and with this system you can customize many designs with the school name in just seconds. We will talk about how to order and print school uniforms that are becoming more common in public schools as well as required in most private schools.

One of the biggest areas of custom printed school sales is school spirit sales. These are often run by volunteer organizations, and the more help you can give them, the more sales you will generate. We will give you tips on who to contact and how to create a flyer.

Finally, we will take a look at custom transfers for school sports uniforms and apparel. We will give you some selling tips for both the uniforms and the extras!

Take some time and learn a little bit about this very lucrative custom printing niche—schools!

Want even more? Watch another free webinar on-demand: “Fall Trends for the School Year“.

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