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Branding Bikinis - Kauai Bikini

Check out the Kauai Bikini logo on these bikinis!

Have you heard of the official bikini brand of the AAU Volleyball tour?  How about the hot new trend hitting the beaches of California?  The brand that didn’t really hit off until it had its name on the front and on the butt?  It’s none other than Kauai Bikini, owned and operated by Transfer Express dealer, Jay Costa.

Kauai Bikini is a Hawaiian brand that still has a branch in Hawaii and is gaining popularity in California.  Jay says that getting a heat press and using transfers to brand his merchandise “completely changed [his] business.”  His bikinis are becoming a lot more popular now that they have his company’s name and logo on them.  He was even told by one of his customers that they refuse to purchase a bikini unless it has his logo on it!

Kauai Bikini got its start in Kauai, Hawaii, where it was the best bikini store on the island.  They were unique because they made all of their bikinis right there on the island.  Since then they have branched off to California and perfected their bikini formula.  They provide bikinis that use a Smooth String Technology that makes it soft on the skin and they even have a smaller cut, Brazilian bikini.

These bikinis are high performance, provide more support for activities, and are great for athletics.  Jay says that the bottoms “stick to you like glue;” this makes them great for performance wear.  Elite volleyball players are wearing his brand and showing off the Kauai Bikini name to the world.  By branding with his heat press, he is creating a great promotional tool.  When Kauai Bikini girls wear this style at the beach they show off the Kauai Bikini brand to all of the people there.

Jay recently started purchasing stickers from us as another great way to promote his business.  He says that the stickers are a really effective tool for promoting his bikini brand.  He usually hands them out at volleyball events and plans to hand out the stickers that he purchased recently at the Jr. Olympics.

Being the official bikini brand of the AAU Volleyball tour wouldn’t make nearly as much of an impact if he didn’t have the Kauai Bikini brand heat pressed to the bikini!  Sure he would have the sales from the girls on the team but he wouldn’t have the brand recognition that he now gets when any of the games are televised, from the people sitting in the audience, and when the girls go home to their own beach.  Jay says that he has even noticed significant sales growth in Florida.  His brand is already expanding!

If you would like to see how Kauai Bikini brands their products, check out the images on the “Lookbook” section of their website!  In the meantime, we wish Jay the best of luck with his bikini brand and wish the best for his business as it continues to grow!

 Kauai Bikini brand exposure

Kauai Bikini branded on the bottom of the bikini and the hats! The name or logo goes on the top half of the bikini and the back section of the bottoms.

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