Butt Prints Custom Transfers

Printing on the rear side of pant or shorts with plastisol transfers, or as some call it “butt prints” is very popular and easy to do. Any design that has a natural separation in the print will work. You just want to avoid applying your custom transfer on the seam. For example, you could order an arch of the word BASEBALL and apply BASE to one side and then BALL to the other. The grid lines on the paper Stahls’ Transfer Express prints on will allow for easy alignment. Some layouts that work well for Butt Prints are QAL-3, QAL-6, QAL-1, QAL-30, QAL-21, QAL-27, QAL-29. Just avoid script lettering since this is connected.
Sizing your print depends on the size of the garments you are heat printing on. We suggest measuring the printable area of the garment.